Our Management


The brainchild of world-acclaimed filmmakers Ketan Mehta and Deepa Sahi, we offer many flagship courses in 2D and 3D animation that enables animation enthusiasts with the tool to share with the world a story through the medium of animated characters

Ketan Mehta - CO-Founder of Cosmos Creative Academy

Ketan Mehta


An alumnus of st. Stephen’s college and ftii, Ketan is an internationally acclaimed Filmmaker with 30 years of experience. A household name in India, he has produced and directed tv serials for leading Indian broadcasters and 10 full-length Features. He also has ads and documentaries to his credit.

Deepa Sahi - Co-Founder of Cosmos Creative Academy

Deepa Sahi


A film star, director, screenplay writer, producer, and a media Entrepreneur, deepa has a substantial portfolio of achievements to her Name. An alumna of delhi school of economics as well as the national school Of drama, she brings a wealth of experience and aesthetic to our projects


Ram Dhumne

An alumnus of the Govt. Art & Design College Nagpur, Ram has over twenty years of experience in CGI and VFX.

Having worked with world-class animation studios like Pixion TV, Crest Animation, and Maya Digital Studios, Ram has played a crucial role in several blockbuster releases. His repertoire includes multiple internationally renowned projects like Motu Patlu, Ramayana The Epic, Sholay 3D, Pirhana 3D, to name a few.

He has closely worked with renowned filmmaker Ketan Mehta, which has added to his overall sense of filmmaking not limited to just animation.

With Cosmos Creative Academy, it is his endeavour to impart the knowledge he has gained over the years, to propel the careers of aspiring animators.

This way, he will not only be making a difference in their lives but also to the Indian animation community as a whole!